Tomorrowland 2022 | United We Dance

Young Belgian DJ & producer Odssey started as a DJ at the age of 12, performing at a bunch of youth clubs in his hometown. Two years later, Odssey started producing and making his own music, using his autism to keep his focus, explore his wildest ideas and shape his mixing skills and production talents. Having made his debut at Tomorrowland in 2017 and having released his first record with Generation Smash in 2019, Odssey is finally ready to return to the Holy Grounds in 2022!

6 questions with Odssey

How did you start out as a DJ & producer?
I officially started playing under the name ‘Odssey’ back in 2014. I initially used to play in a bunch of youth clubs in Brussels with the Brussels Youth Clubs organization, which gave me several opportunities to perform as a DJ in Brussels. I also started as a producer during that period. My career as a producer really took off when I signed my first record with Generation Smash in 2018.

What’s your favorite dance music record of all-time?
Tough choice, but I’ll go with ‘Levels’ by Avicii – a record I can keep dancing to. I also often play it in my DJ sets, it’s such an iconic song with a melody that gets stuck in your head.

What would be your dream music collaboration?
Ever since I started DJing and producing, I always wanted to release a track with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. They make songs that are always appropriate for the times we live in. That’s what I try to live up to as an artist.

How can we increase diversity in dance music?
As someone with a disability myself, namely autism, I make use of that disability in my production talents. This allows me to keep the focus on my music. The music industry has already come far with new talents emerging, but we could even go deeper into this and try to find hidden talent in the music world.

Showing that music revolves around fun can also help. Tomorrowland has definitely proven that in recent years. Music unites people and has been around for centuries. During the difficult times we could all give music, fun and uniting an extra push.

What are you most excited about playing at Tomorrowland?
Seeing people from all different countries and nationalities having fun together always gives me goosebumps. The massive energy at the festival also gives me the ultimate kick to play there.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have been my biggest inspiration ever since I first heard about them back in 2011, especially when it comes to performing. I’ve learned a lot from how they interact with the audience and how they found their way in the tough music industry. The Belgian brothers and their renowned Smash The House label have given me the opportunity to release my first single with Generation Smash – a music label for emerging artists – in 2019.